Michael St George M234/M170
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Michael St. George Knit Suits are worn by many pageant girls from coast to coast!

Michael St. George Knit Suit!
Style M234/M170

Michael St. George Knit Suits are the ultimate in pageant competition interview suits. Join the list of hundreds of girls who won National, Regional and Local Pageant Competitions. Michael St. George has the perfect fit with the styles and the colors to give you the competitive edge.

Style M234/M170

Knit Suit Sizes Available: XS, Small, Medium

Knit Suit Colors Available:

Lemonade, Amethyst, Soft Lime, Spice, Chocolate, Buttercream, Rose Pink, Red, Ivory, Navy, Diamond White, Emerald, Electric Blue, Black, Deep Ocean, Wild Orchid, Turquoise,  Azalea, Orange Zest, Tropical Sky and Persian Blue

For an additional $100, there are several "special fabric" options: Black Lurex, Silver Lurex, Silver and Gold Lurex, Gold Lurex, April Tweed, Tweed, Black and White Tweed, and Autumn Tweed these yarns are more expensive to produce.

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Michael St. George Style M234/M170

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Michael St. George this size chart is for measurement reference only; all styles are not necessarily available in all sizes that are on the chart(s) below.  Refer to our website for the sizes that are available in a particular style in this collection.  

Size chart for knit suit/dress styles 

Size                                 Bust            Waist              Hips
XS (extra small)              32-33             23-24              34-35
 SM (small)                     34-35             25-26              36-37
M (medium)                   36-37         27-28              38-39

Color Chart

  • Item #: MSG M234/M170
  • Manufacturer: Michael St. George Interview Suits

Michael St George Knit Suit M234/M170

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